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Pittsburgh (AP) - Beautiful PNC Park in Pittsburgh was sparkling last night, as the brightest stars in the ABPL took center stage for the 2001 All-Star Game. Starters Jeff D'Amico of St. Louis and Pedro Martinez of Detroit took center stage for the gala event with countless other storylines weaving their way through the evening. Just-traded shortstop Derek Jeter enraged the hometown crowd by donning a Marlin's uniform as he took his position in the first inning. And American League fans were still fuming about the fact that Mariano Rivera was left off the team. But following the ceremonial first pitch by legendary muppet Kermit the Frog, all eyes focused on the game to be played. Martinez looked unusually mortal, giving up a pair of RBI singles to Todd Helton in three innings pitched. Jeff D'Amico also gave up an early run thanks to a Magglio Ordonez solo homer. The National League built a 5-1 lead by the fifth, capped by a monstrous 2-run homerun from Vladamir Guerrero. But Gary Sheffield, the only AL starter not voted to the starting squad, hit a two-run homerun off of Rich Garces in the 7th, and another 2-run shot the very next inning to put the junior circuit into the lead. Billy Koch and Derek Lowe shut out the National League in the ninth, as the AL took the exciting 6-5 victory. Todd Jones took the win, and Mike Myers took the loss, and without question, the Royal's Gary Sheffield was the unanimous choice for All-star MVP. 



2-for-4, 2 homeruns, 4 rbi's

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