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The APBL has been around since 1972.  Throughout the years, many teams have laid claim to the title of League Champions, and many players have had outstanding seasons.  As the APBL sends into a new electronic era, the ability to keep track of accurate statistics is tremendously improved.  Hopefully now many of the great accomplishments in the league will be able to be recorded and displayed here in the Honor Room.

As a starting point, peruse the Hall of Champions, and get a sense of the history entrenched in this league, and pay homage to those teams and players that have reached the pinnacle in past years.


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Regular Season Statistical Champs  2001   02   03   04   05   06  07  08  09  2010
All-Star Rosters  2001   02   03   04   05  (discontinued)


33 Years & Counting
The APBL has been the home of baseball since 1972.  It has grown from a grass-roots "dice and boards" league into an exciting and progressive internet league.

The APBL features
APBA Baseball for Windows and the League Manager Power Tool version 5.5