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News and Notes
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March 2006

Last year, the rotation rankings correctly predicted 5 of the 6 division winners....If this hold true this season, we should have a few new division champs this year.  Here are this year's rotation rankings:

American League National League
Texas 2034 Florida 1878
Tampa 1930 St Louis 1872
Oakland 1734 Pittsburgh 1549
Toronto 1352 New York 1482
Minnesota 1338 Atlanta 1457
KC 1250 LA 1399
Detroit 1140 Arizona 1368
LA 1081 SF 1142
Seattle 1012 Chicago 1117
Chicago 995 Houston 955
Boston 867 Washington 856
Cleveland 808 Cincinnati 820


June 2005

Rotation Rankings as a Predictor of Wins and Losses

In January, I ranked all APBL teams based on their starting rotation grades.  That was all well and good but how well have those rankings predicted team success so far?  Let's take a look

Team Pre-season Pitching Ranking W/L (Rank) as of June 1, 2005
Tampa Bay 1 44-22 (1st)
St. Louis 2 44-22 (1st)
Atlanta 3 35-31 (3rd)
New York Mets 4 27-39 (4th)
Texas 5 33-33 (2nd)
Minnesota 6 35-31 (t-1st)
Pittsburgh 7 42-24 (2nd)
Houston 8 32-34 (1st)
Florida 9 43-23 (1st)
Seattle 10 32-34 (3rd)

So it's far from a perfect predictor, but it is interesting that 5 division leaders are represented in the top 10.  The exception: The Oakland Athletics who have done well despite their 17th ranked staff.


January 2005

Rating the Rotations

Everyone knows that starting pitching plays a big part in the success of a team.  So who has the best rotation going into the 2005 season?  We took pitchers grades for the best 162 starts on a team's pitching staff and added them up:

(grade x game start = rating)

The result is a rough ranking of the best rotations in the ABPL...will this translate into wins during the season?  We will see.  For more explanation on methods, contact me.

American League National League
Tampa Bay 1741 St. Louis 1434
Texas 1383 Atlanta 1425
Minnesota 1373 New York Mets 1423
Seattle 1256 Pittsburgh 1358
Toronto 1192 Houston 1306
Kansas City 1187 Florida 1290
Boston 1158 Arizona 1226
Oakland 1124 San Francisco 1224
Cleveland 918 Chicago Cubs 1220
Anaheim 864 Los Angeles 1084
Chicago Whitesox 774 Montreal 1181
Detroit 770 Cincinnati 839


November 2004

2004 DRAFTWATCH: Hindsight is 20-20

Who had the foresight to find that diamond in the rough?  Who believed the hype to only to see a touted prospect fall from glory...?  Check out the current 2004 stats of the last two years top draft picks  and judge for yourself...


2003 Draft 2004 Draft
1.Hou -Sean Burroughs
(.298, 2 HR)
2.Hou - Carl Crawford
(.296, 11 HR)
3.SF-Oliver Perez
(12-10, 2.98)
4.TB-Jake Peavy
(15-6, 2.27)
5.Hou-Brett Myers
(11-11, 5.52)

1.Hou-Jose Guillen
(.294, 27 HR)

2.Hou-Khalil Greene
(.273, 15 HR)

3.TB-Richie Weeks

4.Pit-Luis Matos
(.224, 6 HR)

5.Sea-Jody Gerut
(.252, 11 HR)





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